(x)FIT with Ginger of Champagne Nutrition


I met up with Ginger outside of Logan Square Fitness. This relatively new gym is just blocks from my house and right above one of my favorite French fry establishments, Harding Tavern. Coincidence? I think not. After making our way upstairs and checking in at the desk we headed towards the small studio where it would take place. A few other students were hanging around and Ginger immediately started chatting with them and introducing me. Holy comradery! Everyone in this class is friendly, close and so beyond welcoming. Turns out, this class started out as only 1x a week but with the many devoted attendees, they bumped it up to 3x/wk. Class started shortly after our arrival. The various attendees help carry the necessary equipment into the studio while Joel, the instructor, sets up stations. This workout is Tabata style, which happens to be one of my favorites. Each station alternates between two exercises that partners work their way through. The constant change of tabata keeps you from getting bored. Joel is right in on the action going around the room to give assistance and keep us in time with the changes. This workout focused on so many different muscles and left me feeling a great kind of sore. 


As a former introvert, I was decidedly anxious before I met up with Ginger. She was my first scheduled Core & Coffee meet-up and honestly, I wasn't 100% sure how this would go. Luckily for me, Ginger is a warm personality. We had no trouble killing quite a bit of time chatting about dishes at our favorite restaurants, blogging platforms and our lives. Anyone who can talk to me about food for that long is a-ok in my book.

Ginger is a registered dietitian board certified in oncology nutrition. She provides information and guidance in holistic health, appropriate sleep patterns, overall wellness, etc. Because I'm interested in natural remedies, it was fun for me to talk to Ginger about her work, which you can tell she is passionate about. I love hearing about other dietary lifestyles and why people make the change. I'm always happy to share the story of my paleo journey, so I naturally asked Ginger about her plant based diet. The story began when Ginger was about 12 or so. She was offered a ham sandwich and refused it.  She stood firm and said she didn't want it because she didn't want to hurt the pig it came from. While I am a meat eater, you can't help but admire someone who takes an unwavering stance on something they believe in. She's now been plant based for about two decades and doesn't seem to have ever questioned it. 


I like to think of my blog as my literary child, so in comparison, Champagne Nutrition could be Ginger's. For starters, what a great name! Champagne is fun, lively and bubbly. Nutrition is the part of life that keeps you in good health so you can enjoy the fun. Being healthy and having fun in urban living. That's what Ginger has in mind when she writes for her blog. More than just a nutrition site, you will also find a vast array of subjects including fitness, travel, restaurant reviews & original recipes. A favorite recent post of Gingers, "off the grid," shed light on the Chicago Holocaust Museum, a sight not typically found on the tourist path. This variety of topics makes Champagne Nutrition a well rounded lifestyle blog.


Favorite blogs to follow? Dietitian Debbie Dishes and the Grateful Grazer
What's your ultimate meal? Wide rice noodles with tofu & broccoli. Spicy
How do you take your coffee? Black with a splash of soy milk.


Champagne Nutrition is a place to go and learn about having a healthy and fun life. Ginger loves interacting with followers and answering questions, making her blog a place to create community and conversation.

Ginger is a health writer & Chicago-based registered dietitian nutritionist, board-certified in oncology nutrition. She holds a Master's degree in nutrition from naturopathic Bastyr University in Seattle. Ginger blogs at Champagne Nutrition, where she offers nutrition and lifestyle inspiration for busy folks who want it all. 

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