The Help that May Actually be Hindering your Health Journey

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When you start on your fitness journey, it makes sense to want help. At the end of the day, getting fit is hard. Support and inspiration are crucial. They are what will get you out of bed for early jogging session. They are, ultimately, the driving force which will ensure success. Or, are they?

There’s no denying that support is crucial. But, sometimes, those things we turn to can hold us back without our realizing. It’s tough noticing this, so we’re going to look at a few signs that your methods of help have become hindrances.

Inspiration Or Impossible Standards?

Looking at a picture of someone who is your ideal weight can give you a real boost when starting out. But, it doesn’t always work out. This is especially the case if your inspiration comes from someone in the public eye. As this article on shows, the media is notorious for setting unrealistic body expectations. If your chosen inspiration falls into this category, you may be setting yourself impossible standards. And, if that’s the case, all could backfire. Either you’ll push yourself to an unhealthy goal, or grow disheartened and give up. So, what can you do? The best thing is to remove the media. Take inspiration from people you know. These are real, flesh and bones, unedited people. So, you’ll be able to set a goal and rest easy that it’s attainable.

Professional Touch Or Paying Through The Teeth?

What could go wrong when you turn to the professionals? These people are trained to want the best for your health journey, right? Whether you opt for a personal trainer or sign up for a fitness guide, it’s got to work. Hasn’t it? In truth, there’s nothing about these options which doesn’t work. They do have the benefit of getting you into a regular routine. And, it always helps to have professional guidance. The harm is when you consider the costs. As proven in this review of Kayla Itsines bikini body guide on, there are often hidden costs that you can’t foresee. The risk is that you become reliant on professional help. So, when you can't afford any more sessions, you may stop altogether. Instead, it may be best bypassing this option or getting into a workout routine alone first. That way, you can continue your journey, irrelevant of whether you can afford to continue.

Personal Support

Most important of all is the personal support you receive during your get fit quest. The people we love most can get us through anything with words of encouragement. But, this can also backfire. If, for example, the loved one in question underestimates what you can do, you may start to do the same. Thoughtless comments on their part could be enough to stop your journey. Don’t let it happen. The best course of action is to rely on no one more than you depend on yourself. If others doubt you or put you down, set out to prove them wrong.