Steps to Take Before Starting an Intense Exercise Program

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Exercise is always a good thing and it is never too late to start. You can pick up an exercise routine at any age and in any state of health but it is important that you select one that is right for you. If you have any medical conditions you should discuss your plans with your doctor before you start.

To get the most out of your new exercise routine and to give yourself the best chance of keeping it up there are a few preparations that you should make.

Tell People You're Doing It.

Giving up exercise is a lot easier than starting it! You may begin with good intentions but in a few days when you feel tired and you have developed some muscle aches and pains, it may not seem like a good idea anymore. This is when you need an exercise partner or an accountability buddy. This is someone who exercises with you or who you have to report back to. If you know you are letting a friend down by not going with them to the gym or out on a run then you are more likely to turn up! Similarly, if you have to explain to your accountability buddy why you only went to one exercise class instead of the three that you had scheduled you are more likely to stick to your original plan.

You can use exercise apps on your smartphone to keep a track on your exercise and some have got alerts and reminders to make sure that you do not forget your exercise schedule. However, they are not the same as talking to another human being about it. Talking to someone else will help keep you motivated!

Make Sure You Give Your Body All the Nutrition it Needs

Your body can take some time to adjust to a new exercise routine, especially if you are combining it with a new dietary lifestyle. It's important to start with knowing what your body will need to stay energized.  You can get some further information from the Culture Supplier site which gives you a detailed list of what your body will need. There you can read up on the main food groups and which foods you should eat to get essential nutrients before you start your exercise regime.  Meal planning can also help in this regard. If you plan ahead, you can make sure you are accounting for all the protein, carbs and healthy fat your body needs for this change.

Get Any Health Concerns Checked Out

Speaking from experience, it's vitally important that you get any aches and pains checked out before starting an exercise program and during one if they develop or worsen. Sometimes these pains can be related to posture and lack of movement, so exercise will help. However, it is possible that you have a problem with your joints or muscles that needs treatment. In some cases, exercise can make it worse so it is worth getting it checked out. If you have a problem with feeling tired, dizzy or you suspect a problem with your heart or lungs it is vital that you get this checked before starting an intense exercise regime.

Once you've gotten these easy steps taken care of, get out there and get moving!