SoulCycle with Kathryn of FoodieGirlChicago


I've been talking about wanting to try a spin/cycling class for a long time. I finally got my opportunity with Kathryn of FoodieGirlChicago and I stopped by SoulCycle Loop. All I can say is, I get it now. I get the huge following behind SoulCycle. It's fun and upbeat. The Hip Hop theme made it super easy to follow along and it was great music. I appreciated the dark room because it made it feel more intimate and reassured me that everyone wasn't staring at me fumbling along. It was a fast pace but workable and really got me sweating. The end incorporates some arm weight movements, which was a nice change up and good for some total body fitness.

Usually, classes where I have to move to certain beat (like Zumba or spin) make me self conscious. I'm an uber perfectionist and if I'm not doing the moves exactly right I completely stop, stare at the instructor and then start going again. I come out feeling like I did everything wrong and didn't get a workout. My first experience at SoulCycle was anything but this for me. It's a fun atmosphere and a good workout. I don't see it being my primary fitness activity but a great opportunity for some cross-training.

SoulCycle charges only $20 for your first ride, including shoe rental. Check out the studio locations to find one near you!


Kathryn, a California girl and huge foodie, moved to Chicago and transplanted herself into a food haven. It's easy to get carried away with so many epic restaurants, but she manages to keep a nice balance between going out and cooking at home (both usually involve wine.) This balance also factors in her desire to get fit, so she takes some classic dishes and some favorite dishes and shares a healthy version. With so much love for food and trying new things, her friends were constantly looking to her for input on places and meals to try. FoodieGirlChicago is Kathryn's way of sharing this input with them and with the world! 


Visiting FoodieGirlChicago, you'll likely notice right off the bat something a bit unique. It focuses mostly on 2 serving recipes. Kathryn realized early on that there was a lack of recipes like this and sometimes it just isn't possible to cut one in half. Who can REALLY measure "half an egg." The recipes you'll find are inspired by restaurants, recipes she sees online, foods she loves or just what sound good at the moment, like her Stuffed Grilled Peppers. This is one of her recipes for 2, so it works perfect for you to have leftovers or to share with someone.

On top of original recipes, FoodieGirlChicago also offers sneek peeks into menus from local Chicago spots & Kathryn's opinions on them. There's also information on great wines, how-to guides and a series called "Monthly Musings." That's a series that features a list of places, peoples, blogs, really anything, that Kathryn is loving that month! A great read to discover something new, I highly recommend you check it out.

While FoodieGirlChicago may be a hobby for now, in a dream world it could be a full-time job. Until then, be on the look for more love on wine, foods, restaurants and more@


Favorite blogs to follow? The Chunky ChefEngineering in StylePlatings & Pairings and RecipeTin Eats
What's your ultimate meal? A really great burger. Cheese is a favorite. A favorite food group is seafood - crab cakes, tuna, etc.
How do you take your coffee? Mocha with skim milk


Kathryn constantly has a desire to try something new whether it's food, a new restaurant or a different type of wine. FoodieGirlChicago is here to inspire you to do something you haven't done before!

Kathryn is part of LinkedIn's Sales Solutions team, where she provides social selling expertise to her clients.  Kathryn also blogs at FoodieGirlChicago sharing her thoughts on food, wine and cooking, with a special focus on cooking for two.  Kathryn grew up in California and her love of food started at a young age.  She loves to cook and entertain, and also loves checking out the Chicago food scene, especially when good wine is involved!

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