SoulCycle with Maddy of Chicago Cheap Ass


I got my second cycling experience, with the help of Chicago Cheap Ass' Maddy Osman, at SoulCycle Old Town. My first class had been at their Chicago Loop location, in a  Hip Hop themed class. You can read more on that here. This time, our class was the "regular" SoulCycle hour. I say it like that because let's be honest, SoulCycle is anything but normal. The atmosphere is intimate but upbeat and the instructors are all full of pep and fun. The hour speeds by and at the end, if (like me) you aren't used to spinning your legs feel like jelly. 

I've mentioned it before, but I'm a perfectionist when it comes to fitness classes. Especially ones like this because I always want to be on beat with the instructor/music, moving when I'm supposed to, etc. If I'm not, I panic that I'm not getting the good workout I should be getting. That being said, I struggled through this class more than I did my original. The beat in the hip-hop class was so pronounced it was hard to miss. This original session had a mash up of music from some hip-hop to some rock to Ryan Adam's cover of Taylor Swift. The music is always top notch, but for someone like me, it was harder to pedal along like I was supposed to. I ended up doing my own thing have the time if I fell off beat, but still had a lot of fun. I think a few more hip-hop classes and a bit more spin experience and this wouldn't be a problem for me! 

Remember, SoulCycle charges only $20 for your first ride, including shoe rental! Check out their studio locations to find one near you!


Maddy originally started blogging as part of her college portfolio. Once she finished school she continued on as a means of portfolio and creative outlet. This helped her to gain a position at a social media company and then branch out to freelance on her own. She maintains her blog and stays active in influencer networks so she can continue on in a creative outlet and expand her portfolio.In conjunction with being a social media guru, Maddy seems to have a constant dose of excitement and curiosity to her. She's fun to be around and always keeps it real. 

Get a feel for Maddy & her personality at Cupid's Undie Run on February 13 in Chicago. Working as a Race Director for the program, she'll be among the best of them running a mile in her fanciest undies all while raising money for the Children's Tumor Foundation!


Chicago Cheap Ass formed in March 2015 as frugality tips for those living in Chicago. It developed into much more. While Maddy still writes 3/4 or so of the posts, she has expanded to feature more contributors who focus on certain topics within the blog. The main topic remains good deals within Chicago. but there are posts regarding events, restaurants, open houses throughout the city & more. 

Overall, Chicago Cheap Ass has developed into a guide on how to live a well rounded life in Chicago.  Whether it be through activities Chicago Cheap Ass is contacted about or events that they seem to stumble upon, this is a well rounded guide for all things city related.


Favorite blogs to follow? Digital marketing blogs (since the industry is constantly changing) like: Seth GodinConvince and ConvertMarketingProfs and Buffer
What's your ultimate meal? Bacon 5-Cheese Mac n'Cheese with onions, Tacos al Pastor or Lava cake. 
How do you take your coffee? No coffee. Instead, basic green tea with honey. Or lemon. Or both.


Chicago Cheap Ass is a 20-something's guide to living on a budget, specifically in Chicago.

Maddy is a Lifestyle blogger who shares her tips for finding the best deals and values in the city at Chicago Cheap Ass. On a professional level, she helps businesses use digital marketing to accomplish different business objectives at The Blogsmith. She loves exploring Chicago and finding out more about it every day!

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