A One Stop, Paleo Date Night Shop [Snap Kitchen]

Snap Kitchen - A One Stop, Paleo Date Night Shop

One of my resolutions in 2017 was to devote more time to having healthy relationships - with myself, my boyfriend, my body, my family, my friends, etc. I've realized that having some me time is a big part of this, so I've been trying to do more of that. I've also been trying to have date night a bit more frequently with Kyle. Combine this with the fact we are trying really, really hard to stay on budget this year so we can spend more on travel and getting a king size bed (hollaaaa!) and it can get a bit tricky.

Enter into the picture Snap Kitchen. They offer healthy, pre-made meals that just require reheating. There's a storefront for Snap Kitchen just a 4 minute walk from my work and while I've been in a few times to wander or pick up snack, I haven't taken the plunge on buying their meals. Walking by the other day, I realized how useful they could be for me right now in my effort to improve my relationship status.

The premade meals gives me more time for myself. It also lets me pick up some fun, new meals to try. On top of all that, the meals are a great value when you consider price, portion size and ingredient quality. When I was coming up with date night meal ideas, I decided to give Snap Kitchen a try and see if and how they could help me out.

WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR?! Snap Kitchen is awesome. For starters, when you walk in, you're going to be confronted by some bright colors. The labels are color coordinated based off meal/dish type. For instance, at my store the vegetarian meals had green labels, chicken were yellow and the seafood dishes were blue. They do big markers at the top of the sections too so you know what color to be looking for.  And yes, they have a section for everything. Soups. Salads. Desserts. Main Dishes. Drinks. Snacks. EVERYTHING. It's a true one stop shop.

I started off in the red section, where the beef & pork dishes are. Normally, I'm a stickler for checking ingredients because you kind find random non-paleo ingredients in some of the most random dishes. I realized quickly that Snap Kitchen did the work for me by marking their labels with the different lifestyles these meals suited. IT'S GENIUS. PURE GENIUS. I scanned for anything cited as paleo, but they also have options for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free lifestyles.

I did a little happy dance, which is mostly me just kind of spazzing out for a minute and then I started scanning the labels to see what I could find that would be perfect for date night! My goal was to find dinner, dessert and something to drink. I was able to find all three! I made my purchase and headed home to set up dinner. I used a toaster oven, which I always recommend over a microwave, and it took only 10 minutes to reheat and plate everything.

Our date night main dish consisted of slow roasted brisket tacos and pulled pork enchiladas. It's always really fun for me when I can eat paleo dishes that use "tortillas." For some reason, they always seem to be harder to find and when you do find them, they don't taste great or they fall apart. Snap Kitchen did a phenomenal job with these. They reheated really well and while my taco shell did fall apart near the end, it wasn't as big a travesty as I've experienced before. The enchiladas were equally as delicious.

What's date night without a fun dessert?!  There weren't too many paleo options on the dessert shelves, but the fact that Snap Kitchen had any at all was pretty neat. I got these coconut macaroons, because macaroons = love. There were three in the package and while I normally would have just kept two for myself, since it was for date night I decided to go 50/50.  I'm so thoughtful huh?  The macaroons were soft and not too sweet. Another winner from my Snap Kitchen dinner. Excuse the unintentional rhyme there.

The final touch was a hibiscus lime tea from Snap Kitchen. There are only four ingredients in this drink, which is awesome. It does contain some coconut palm sugar, but is balanced really well so it doesn't just taste like a sugary drink. I had no idea if I even liked hibiscus so this was a gamble. (Spoiler alert: I do. It was awesome and there is none left.) By the way, this bottle gave us two full servings when I poured it into glasses to seem a bit fancier (small touches, ya know?!) so one was enough for the two of us. That being said, I would recommend picking up two from Snap Kitchen because they're that good.

Snap Kitchen gave me the opportunity to make a tasty and special date night dinner without having to break my back in the kitchen. I love the ease of picking out appropriate meals and the convenience that's offered by simply reheating these meals. Date night is always fun, but Snap Kitchen can help to keep it relaxing and healthy. Also, yummy.

I went to Snap Kitchen on my lunch break, when I had some time to spare but I was actually able to get in and out quick. That's because you can order ahead from a specific location on their website or through their app. Orders are ready for pick up in less than 15 minutes when you do this!

If you're in Chicago and looking for a date night option like this but can't make it to a Snap Kitchen - they offer delivery! It's even free if you spend over $20. Don't worry, a full meal like this will get you to that limit without breaking the bank! Download the app and order from there!