Reformer Pilates with Fenique of Chic in Chocolate


I met Fenique on a blazin' hot day in September for a Reformer Pilates class at Body R+D in Lakeview. Let me tell you, before setting this up, I hadn't even heard of this type of workout. Yes, I know of pilates but even my knowledge of that is limited. By limited I mean, my description of it would have been "like yoga but with more strengthening." Needless to say, I had no idea what to expect. Also, any class that requires you to wear "grippy" socks totally throws me through a loop

What makes this class different from others is the use of a reformer machine that is used in conjunction with traditional pilates moves. The reformer uses pulleys, bars and straps to make each move a bit more challenging. As a newbie, I was a bit intimidated, but our instructor was extremely helpful and made an effort to get to know each of us (nice personal touch!) They say it takes 3 classes to pass the "learning curve" and I can see why. It takes a bit to get used to coordinating movements with the machine and it's different resistances. Either way, at the end of our session I was sweating and my muscles were shaking. The best part was feeling like I got a good workout without being super sore the next day.

PS - Body R+D offers your first class for only $10! Check out their website for more information.


Originally from Chicago, Fenqiue is a self-proclaimed fashion lover. She loves to tell people what to wear. I only spent a couple hours with her, but what you see is what you get. Fenique is extroverted, friendly and full of input on everything from fashion to beauty to being your best self. On top of that, have you seen her outfits? The girl is killin' it in fashion!

Before Chic in Chocolate, Fenique used to use Polyvore to show off different out varieties. She decided that blogging would be interesting and fun. It would allow her to get her opinion out there and share her ideas with friends. Last year, she revamped the blog into what you see today.


With Chic in Chocolate, you'll never get bored. This lifestyle blog covers just about everything you could dream of. Posts range from skin care to fall transition to Fenique's experience with a 22 day plant-based diet. Fenique also takes time to cover local events in Chicago that she attends. 

The variety given by Chic in Chocolate also extends from topics to types of posts. This favorite of Fenique's was a single post called Black & White Obsessed. For fall transition, you could get inspiration from not just one, but two different posts. Through her site, you can get a full glimpse into Fenique's evolving style and current obsessions to provide you just the inspiration you need!

Stay tuned! With the aspiration of a user channel on YouTube, Chic in Chocolate is a blog to keep your sights on for exciting current and future moves.


Favorite blogs to follow? Karlas ClosetBrooklyn BlondeFashion Bomb DailyBambis Armoire and Damsel in Dior.
What's your ultimate meal? Healthy meal - vegan tacos. Corn tortilla browned in olive oil with asparagus, avocado/guac, pan seared black beans & lettuce. Or lemon roasted potato nuggets. If splurging on an unhealthy option - french fries or pizza (Home Run Inn sausage or cheese or Pequod's deep dish, half spinach/half sausage)
How do you take your coffee? No Coffee. Drinks tea or a double chocolately chip frappuccino with a pump of pepperment


Chic in Chocolate provides style and beauty inspiration. It's about being fearless of being who you are. Never fear being yourself or who you want to be. Be fearless in fashion, your skin, what you wear, what you say. In all of that.

Fenique, the editor and chief of Chic In Chocolate, is also a social media professional at a Fortune 500 retail company. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising. Fenique has coordinated photo shoots, contributed to various blogs, worked in retail for over 10 years and is a self proclaimed fashion lover. 

Her love of fashion, writing and being opinionated birthed Chic In Chocolate, a lifestyle blog that heavily features fashion and beauty. Any knowledge Fenique can share, she want to share. Dion Sanders said, "If you look good you feel good, you feel good you play good, you play good they pay good, they pay good you live good." Looking your best makes you feel your best and perform your best. Overall Chic In Chocolate is about being your best self in your truest form with no apologies. 

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