Orange Theory with Emma of Sarrandipity


When it comes to different types of workouts, I like to think that I'm up for anything. When Emma Sarran Webster, of Sarrandipity, suggested Orange Theory, a place I have never been, I jumped at the chance! Right from the start, this class seemed intense (in a good way!) This interval training class pairs you up with a heart rate monitor so you and the instructor can monitor your zones throughout the class. The goal is to be in the "orange zone" of your heart rate for 12-20 minutes per class to maximize your progress. Each person's heart rate is projected to screens all around the gym so you can easily check your status. Don't let this intimidate you! The whole class is working it's tushies off way too much to focus on anything else! 

Since it was our first time taking a class there, our instructor, Jeremy, took us on a brief tour of the gym and explained how the workout would progress. Then, he led us through a two-part class. We spent the first half on the floor, combining rowing with strengthening exercise. The second half was pure treadmill work of varying speeds and intervals. I pride myself on completing interval and HIIT workouts multiple times a week, but (excuse my mouth) holy hell this was a tough workout! For those of you looking to intensify your workout, feel sore the next day and really push yourself, this class will do that. 

PS - Your first workout is free! Just call the studio closest to you to sign up!


I love anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, so I was excited to meet the girl who promises endless cat photos and relates thin-crust pizza to an affair. Once holding a full-time job in advertising, Emma quit her job to write. Why? Well, for starters she went to school for it, it's what she likes to do and frankly, she's good at it. Emma's goal is to make each encounter with her blog, whether a recipe or an outfit, as entertaining and lighthearted as possible because that's the best way that she can make herself come through. Her pieces are well-written, humorous and relate-able. As a runner, I found her piece called 13 Thoughts I Had During 13 Miles quite amusing. 

On top of her personal blog, Emma also has a portfolio site that will link you to pieces she has done for Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Michigan Ave Mag and more!


When I asked Emma about her blog name, she promptly gave credit to a friend. After jogging her brain for a long time Emma talked to a friend who suggested "Sarrandipity." The name, a play on Emma's maiden name (Sarran), seemed perfect because it was unique without being "cheesy." It also doesn't limit the topics that can be covered.

Following Sarrandipity is going to give you a taste of everything. Instead of being a niche blog, Sarrandipity is a full lifestyle blog. The topics range from food to travel to style and really, whatever Emma wants to write about. For instance, you're going to get a whole article on why Emma pays for Soulcycle and then be able to find a recipe for dinner without leaving her site. In the future, Emma hopes to be able to blog a bit more frequently and write more pieces on travelling. 

The main difference between Sarrandiptiy and Emma's professional portfolio is that here, she doesn't have to write or edit specific pieces of other people because no one's going to reject it or critique it. She can write what and how she wants. Sarrandipity is Emma's personality put into writing and the possibilities of posts and topics are endless for her. 


Favorite blogs to follow? I Had a Big LunchYou're Still Fat and Style Within Reach 
What's your ultimate meal? Mexican food, tacos or sopes, or Chicago's Pizza. A deep dish girl through and through.
How do you take your coffee? Iced, unsweetened with a splash of skim milk. Mix in one packet of sugar in the raw at the start and then another 1/2 way through. 


Emma doesn't want to be taken too seriously. She has her own unique voice and self-deprecating humor. You won't be coming to her site and only getting a recipe or an outfit. You are going to be reading an entertaining, lighthearted piece that allows Emma to have herself shine through.

Emma Sarran Webster is a freelance writer and editor by trade, contributing to sites like Teen VogueThe Friskyand Made ManWhen not working for other sites, she takes to her blog, Sarrandipity to share an eclectic mix of lifestyle content, with a hint of personality and humor (or so she hopes). After a stint in NYC (and a brief affair with thin-crust pizza), Emma returned to her native Chicago, where she grew up loving Michael Jordan, lakeshore beaches and real pizza. She's passionate about travel, cats, sunglasses and Instagram filters, especially when combined.  

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