Travel Essentials

As many of you know, I recently took a two week trip around the Southern half of Ireland. Vacations are a time to let loose and have fun, but I've found that my body always experiences a little bit of shock trying to adjust when I come back home. To ease that, I try and keep up with some of my healthy habits, including snack options, self-care and staying active. Take a peek at what I currently consider to be my must have travel essentials!

RX Bars

I don't think bars should ever be a meal replacement, but I do love having them on hand to tide me over if I can't get a meal right away or for extra fuel when I'm out being active on vacations (which I try to do!) When it comes to that, RX Bars are my go to. They are made in Chicago so I have a little extra love for them for that reason but mostly I appreciate the fact that they use quality, minimal ingredients in their bars. They also have a good amount of protein in each of them. I'm tired of bars that are a billion carbs, three million grams of sugar and like 2 grams of protein. RX Bars have 12 g protein per bar and for that, I love them. Thank you for doing real shit, real well. Shout out for the new Chocolate Chip bar because I want to fill a bathtub with them and eat my way through.  Get $5 off your first order on!

Power Creamer

I'm a big believer in starting off my day with some butter coffee for energy. Honestly, nothing will ever beat Kerrygold + coconut oil that I can mix in it at home but that is unrealistic when I'm traveling. I was hesitant to try PowerCreamer when they reached out to me because I have tried similar products in the past and was absolutely disgusted. But PowerCreamer is on a completely different level than all of them. It's the perfect option for smooth creamy butter coffee wherever I am. Try it yourself with 15% off PowerCreamer using code "PALEOKATIE15"

Collagen Packets

Collagen is my go to when I want some extra protein. It doesn't add a flavor, give a weird texture and doesn't have a bunch of additives or sugar like you would generally find in protein powders. So this is a solid option. Vital Proteins makes these little individual serving collagen packets so they are perfect to bring on trips to add in to my coffee in the morning. It dissolves right in and doesn't give it a funky flavor.

Face Cleanser

Tula products use a probiotic technology that can helps hydrate your skin and make it more resistant to damage in the future. I've noticed my face looking clearer and less dry since using it, so it's what I stick with. Traveling can wreak havoc on your skin, especially drying it out, so I make sure to bring this travel size bottle with me when I go.


I can't remember how I first stumbled upon this Botanics Hydtrating Day Cream but I am so glad I did. My face gets particularly dry, especially after being at such a high altitude, so I try and stay on top of moisturizing. This cream does the job without leaving my face all greasy. Plus, I don't have to use much so it lasts forevaaa.

Activated Charcoal

I never go on a big vacation, weekend away or even just a short overnight trip without taking activated charcoal with me. I take a couple of these when I've eaten food that I may not be able to digest well or had a few beers. It helps with digestion and bloating. If you're ever unsure of the ingredients or quality of something that you might indulge in, activated charcoal is a godsend to help you not feel like total trash!

Primal Pit Paste Deodorant

The ONLY natural deodorant I've found to actually work. All the others wear off and I smell like total butt after an hour. This is actually a photo of my boyfriend's because his bottle shows off the new branding! I usually get this, Jasmine scent or the Lavender if that one's not available.

Dry Shampoo

I don't wash my hair everyday and even if I have washed it that day, my hair is very fine and thin so it can get oily pretty quick. I carry dry shampoo with me to use regularly so I don't look like a drowned rat. A hairstylist introduced me to Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo and I love it. Plus, Aveda's products are all cruelty-free and many are vegetarian/vegan so it makes me love them more

Fit Bit

Being active on vacations generally isn't a problem for me because I love walking around cities; however, we had quite a few times where we were stuck in a car driving from one city to the next. My Fitbit is set to remind me to get 250 steps every hour during the day so it's a nice reminder to get up and MOVE. Bonus: it tracks my sleep, which I found to be pretty helpful when dealing with jet lag! This is the Fitbit Charge 2 HR.

Note Pad

My boyfriend got me moleskin notebook for Valentine's day this past year, which was really sweet because we don't exchange gifts. I was getting ready to go on a trip with two friends to Amsterdam and London and he wanted me to be able to remember everything. I started writing about my trip in this little gem and now I take it on every single trip!

My list of travel essentials changes, grows and shrinks based on life at the moment, but these are my must-haves of now because I try and make my physical and mental well being a priority.  Do you constantly find any of these products in your bag? What are your must-haves that I need to check out?