Ice Cream, Popsicles + Other Paleo Friendly Freezer Treats

I know it's half way through August but I can't be the only one feeling like there's still a whole LOT of summer left. I've got an insanely busy month and a half coming up full of fun events and I honestly can't wait. I'm going to have very little free time outside of these but to have weeks filled of family, friends and time outdoors - it's worth it.

Since Summer is still in full swing, it shouldn't be any surprise that the heat hasn't gone anywhere. I feel like these last few weeks have been worse than usual. On top of heat, it's so muggy, which is much worse. Who wants to step outside and feel like they're walking around in warm bath water? There's a few ways you can beat the heat. 1) Don't go outside. You can just sit inside in your A/C and stare out your window pretending you're outside. 2) Go outside with minimal clothing on. Not my favorite way to handle this for myself or others but you know, to each their own. 3) Use this as the best excuse EVER to eat all of the ice cream, popsicles, freezer fudge, whatever your little heart desires. There's really nothing better in the summer. 

Not that you need convincing to eat ice cream...but just to make this easy for you, scroll through this page for some of the most insanely delicious sounding (+ PALEO FRIENDLY!) cold treats and give a few a try.  I don't know if I could pick a favorite from the list so if you can - share! I love knowing what you all are making.

PS - If anyone has tried any of these recipes before or if one of them happens to be a favorite blogger of yours - I'd love to hear what you love about it so much in the comments below!

This Peppermint Chocolate Chip Nice cream from The Fit Cookie is sweet and creamy with a hint of peppermint and LOT of chocolate chips. It's perfect for a cool homemade frozen treat anytime. Plus, since it's dairy free and allergy friendly, anyone can enjoy this Paleo take on a classic flavor!

Summer popsicles are elevated to the next level with this recipe. Once your popsicles are formed, you just dip them in chocolate and crumbled nuts to get a beautiful, tasty summer treat!

If how good this ice cream looks wasn't enough for you, the fact that it's made with just 7 ingredients should seal the deal. It makes a pint of ice cream, which is enough to share if you'd like. But I think it's perfectly acceptable to keep that all to yourself.

Made with a few simple ingredients, this Dairy Free Paleo Bark makes the best freezer treat to keep on hand. The recipe calls for coconut, chocolate chips and goji berries, but you could easily substitute in some of your favorite dried fruits or nuts too!

One of my favorites since I was a kid, Megan at Allergy Free Alaska perfected a Paleo and Vegan take on butter pecan ice cream. This recipe makes 1 1/2 quarts, so there's enough to share too!

This fudge recipe is made with healthy fats, sneakily packs some extra protein and is beyond easy to double or triple. What more could you want out of a freezer friendly treat? Make a big batch to feed the whole crew or keep it for yourself as a sweet relief on hot days.

Another summer flavor favorite of mine - pineapple! This easy recipe takes just three ingredients to give you a luscious frozen treat that will have you screaming for a trip to the beach.

Does anything scream summer more than watermelon? Not only does this taste the part, but it looks it too which makes it such a fun option for pool parties and barbeques.

I'll never get sick of lavender being part of desserts and baked goods, so this ice cream from Only Taste Matters gives me all the feels. It's got a teeny bit of vodka in it so it's the perfect way to avoid sharing with the kids or the best excuse to have a party with your friends!

These coconut & avocado grasshopper bars are full of healthy, real-food deliciousness and zero grasshoppers ;).  They're allergy friendly too!

This Raspberry Peach Nice Cream is made with just three ingredients and full of nutrition. Using just frozen bananas, raspberries and peaches you get a creamy Paleo and Vegan frozen dessert. This is definitely one you can feel good eating!

These bars are perfect for summer because you don't have to turn on your oven and you get to use delicious, in season berries. With a creamy filling and a sturdy crust, you'd have no idea these are Paleo AND Vegan.

The best part about this ice cream from A Life of Happenstance is that it's entirely no churn - so you don't need an ice cream machine for it! But don't worry, it's still smooth as silk between the coconut milk base and creamy cashew texture.

Not all frozen treats have to be ice cream - these bars are pure happiness in your mouth! A layer of toasted coconut flakes, coconut oil, almonds and chia seeds are topped with a thin layer of delicate chocolate. And then it's sprinkled with even more chopped almonds. Sounds like heaven to me!

Alright, so these ones aren't exactly Paleo because they have dairy in them. But if you're like me and you allow some high quality dairy into your diet every now and then, these are a low carb, high flavor MUST. 

1000 points go to this recipe for having the most unique base I've found. This thick, creamy recipe is made from... avocados! Add in a little honey, coconut oil and peppermint extract and you've got a super healthy, dairy free mint ice cream