How to Help Your Groceries Last Longer

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Okay, food waste is a huge problem. There’s no escaping that. It is now such a problem that we can’t get our heads around it. It’s such an epidemic, kind of like climate change, that we all think we can’t have an impact on it. But what if we brought it a little closer to home. After all, expired groceries are one of the biggest sources of food waste there is, as well as a waste of your money. Urrgh. Wasted money sucks. Seriously. There is nothing more frustrating than going to make a nice breakfast with fresh berries and yogurt only to find out your berries look like they have been ravaged by the plague. It’s just the worst.

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to make your food last longer and keep your delicious looking groceries looking their absolute best well beyond their best-before date, and here’s how:

Store it in the Right Place

Yup, not all foods have the same storage preferences. Some like to kick back and relax in room temperatures, while others aren’t a fan of the warmth and really need to be placed in the fridge in order to last longer. If you don’t know what should go where the easiest thing you can do is think about where they were stored in the shop. If you want to make sure you get it absolutely right, then look at an infographic of what goes where maybe even print it out and stick it on the fridge.

Gadgets and Gizmos

2017 is here and it is all about incredible technology. It is taking over the world. Every corner and niche are seeing huge improvements and the food preservation game is no different. Admittedly we didn’t realize this until we stumbled across an article with the best food dehydrator reviews gracing the pages (I read some niche magazines to keep my blog tip top), which led us to see what else was out there. Our favorite in terms of gadget had to be this small little thing called the Green Heart, which uses potassium crystals to stop fruits decomposing so quickly, giving them a shelf life up to three days longer. 

Sell-By Guidelines

This is one of those myths that has gained traction but sell-by dates and best-before labels are there to protect the store, not you, so try not to pay too much attention to them. The main reason for this is they are focussed on the quality of the food, not the safety. Yeah, what we are saying is, they are still good to eat. So instead of trusting what the sticker says, start trusting your senses; sight, smell and, of course, your common sense. Don’t just chuck some perfectly delicious and nutritious foods in the garbage just because the date says they are best before that day. Please.

Eat Your Leftovers

Thanks to the restaurant culture of piling way too much food onto our plates, we have started to adopt this in our homes. We cook too much. This means we tend to have leftovers, which are amazing if you actually eat them. It could be anything. It could be that veggie chowder we love or those caramelized onion meatballs; it doesn’t matter. Don’t just put them in a box and store them to throw them out later. Label them with what it is and when you made it and then make an effort to eat it. Leftovers are the best, and you’ll be doing your bit for both the world and your wallet.