Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Brands You'll Feel Good Buying

I’m sure by now you have probably seen dozens...HUNDREDS even… of gift guides from all your favorite bloggers. And you might even be sitting there thinking “how the heck is this one any different?” Well, I’ll tell you. This isn’t a gift guide for a specific gender or for someone with a specific interest or even someone with a certain relationship to you, like ya boyfriend. When I decided to make my first gift guide, I wanted to focus on companies that I love for a really special reason. They all support empowerment, equality or give back to incredible causes. So… my gift guide is for gifts that make you feel good when you buy them. Gifts that you can purchase and know that on top of getting an awesome product, you are helping to support others, improve lives, help the environment or any other number of great things!

Love Your Melon

photo credited to  Love Your Melon blog

photo credited to Love Your Melon blog

You may have heard of Love Your Melon, a company dedicated to supporting the fight against pediatric cancer. 50% of all net profits go to help their partners fund the fight against pediatric cancer, fund charitable programming for kids fighting cancer and their families, and more. They are also dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer - and they’ve given away over 150,000 beanies already! Read more about their mission here.

What I’d gift: hunter metallic gold yarn beanie or a mug for your coffee lover!



There are a LOT of things to love about underwear brand TomboyX. For starters, their products are all made through an eco-friendly process at living wage factories! But what I actually love the most is that Fran & Naomi created their brand for every body and everybody. Their apparel is designed to be comfortable no matter your body type, size or where you fall on the gender spectrum. And if respecting and supporting every person as they are isn’t badass, I really don’t know what is.

What I’d gift: a holiday collection set (chilly penguins print!) or these uber cute joggers!


photo credited to  4ocean blog

photo credited to 4ocean blog

Who would have guessed that jewelry and ocean clean up could go hand and hand? Not me, but I’m so glad it does! 4ocean is one of the neatest companies I’ve come across in a long time. Each bracelet they sell is made from recycled glass (beads) and recycled water bottles (cord.) Making them even cooler, for every bracelet bought, they pledge to pull out one pound of trash from the oceans and coastlines. Each month they design a new bracelet that pairs with a special cause - December is dolphins! - so you can get a fresh new look and help save even more of our ocean friends. PS - they operate all over the world and have already cleaned up over 2 MILLION pounds of trash!

What I’d gift: a 4 month subscription to 4ocean (= 4lbs of trash removed!) or this sleek water bottle


Some of my absolute favorite active wear comes from SELA Fit, a woman owned company that focuses on making gym wear comfortable for women at any stage in their fitness journey. From personal experience, no matter the workout I’m doing, the leggings stay put so I’m not self-conscious and having to tug them up every five seconds. And their crop provides enough coverage to make me feel confident during my workout even when I’m showing a little skin! Feel good purchasing their tops and bottoms for the active one in your life knowing that you are helping them help women to be comfortable, supported and empowered during every stage. I love women supporting women (or anyone!) especially when it involves new workout attire ;)

What I’d gift: the one and only bra (I have it in black) and the everything legging (in navy!)

Parks Project

Photo credited to

Photo credited to

If you’ve experienced the beauty of any US National Park, then you’ll totally understand why you should gift from Parks Project. With a vast offering from tshirts, accessories, home goods, books, etc you’ll be able to find something for pretty much anyone special to you. Every product purchased contributes towards one of over 30 conservation projects going on across the country and the super cool thing is that you can check updates on how all of the active projects are going! Finding the perfect gift and helping to make positive change has never been so easy.

What I’d gift: Zion watercolor sweatshirt, Leave it Better mug or this For the Curious tank!

Able Apparel

photo reposted from Able Apparel lookbook

photo reposted from Able Apparel lookbook

Before you buy a favorite-team-branded cap, consider going a different route and picking up a hat from Able Apparel. While the news is littered with stories about violence in Chicago, Able is investing 50% of their net profits back into Chicago based non-profits like the Juvenile Protective Association who provide services to children and families to help try and break the cycle of abuse and violence.

What I’d gift: the Ville - Navy cap!