Fun Ways to Shed the Pounds

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When people think about losing weight, they often think what a long and difficult road they have ahead of them. They choose to focus on the intense workout sessions and strict diets and often become disheartened. And while there is no doubt that losing weight takes a great deal of motivation and commitment, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun while you are doing it! In fact, if you can build in some fun activities into your workout regime, you are much more likely to keep at it and achieve your goals. So, let’s take a look at just a few ways that you can lose weight that you may actually enjoy as well!

Jumping Rope

If you have not jumped rope since you were a kid, now may be the time to dust off your old skipping rope and try again! Not only is this a great way to burn off some calories and tone your stomach, it is also a very simple exercise that you can do from your own home. When you are doing this, make sure to stand up straight and hold your ab muscles tight so you are getting maximum benefit out of this. Over time, you can gradually increase your speed and time spent doing this activity until you are a jumping machine!

Take Up a New Sport

Even if you have never been a particularly sporty person, there is almost certainly one out there that is right for you. And the great thing about sports is that they are social activities as well, so you could try out a team activity like soccer or a one-on-one battle like badminton. Now that the summer is here, you will probably want to try something outdoor-based so why not go for something like tennis? If you are a particularly competitive person, taking up a new sport is a great way to keep you engaged and motivated to achieve your best.


You are probably well aware that there are all kinds of dance classes out there that can also help you to lose weight at the same time. Whether you go for one that is more fitness based like Zumba or something more classic, dancing gives you plenty of opportunity to lose weight and tone up various muscle groups. And when you learn all these new moves, you can show them off on a night out with your friends - you can’t really get a more fun way of shedding some pound than this!

Join Some New Fitness Classes

If you are stuck doing the same workout on a regular basis, this can quickly get repetitive and boring. But with so many different fitness classes out there, it makes sense to try out some different ones. The more you try, the more likely it is that you will settle on a couple that are perfect for you and keep you engaged. Many people find that joining a health club and sampling a few of the classes is a great way to have fun while losing weight - just check out for a few success stories. There is nothing like the burst of enthusiasm you feel when trying new things.


Whether you choose to practice yoga from the comfort of your own home or you actually attend a class, there are numerous health benefits closely linked to this activity. The number of pounds that you shed during a yoga session all depends on how long it is and the complexity of the positions that you go for. However, one of the most effective ways that yoga helps people to lose weight is by reducing stress and increasing mindfulness. An increased amount of stress leads to an increased likelihood of overeating, so adding some yoga to your usual exercise regime can help with this particular challenge involved in weight loss.

Trekking or Hiking

Why not get together a group of friends to go out on a trek or hike in the countryside? Before you go, you can plan out your route so you can choose how intense you want it to be and how long you will go for. You can even work out how many calories you are going to burn using one of the tools available online like this route planner. Again, this is another activity that gets you away from the hustle and bustle of your stressful life. If you decide to go on your own, it also gives you a great opportunity to think.


A lot of people who don’t like to go jogging or running would much prefer to go swimming as a way of losing weight. It has been estimated that just 30 minutes of breaststroke will burn over 360 calories which beats both cycling and running. This low impact exercise also doesn’t put the same kind of pressure on your joints so people of all ages can get involved. Once again, this is another workout that has proven to have a great number of positive qualities for both body and mind.         

Playing Frisbee

On a warm summer’s afternoon, there is nothing like playing some frisbee with friends as a way of shedding some pounds while still having some fun. Though you won’t burn as many calories as some of the other methods already listed, losing weight is about making a concerted effort. It also doesn’t really feel like you are doing an intense workout, but you may be surprised how out of breath you get after a while.

These are just a few of the more fun activities that you can try out if you are in the process of trying to lose weight. Ultimately, it is all about keeping yourself interested and engaged so you can actually enjoy what you are doing rather than it always feeling like a battle. They say that variety is the spice of life, so try to keep building different workouts into your fitness regime to see what a difference it could make to you.