Your Favorite Candies + Fall Treats Made Paleo!

We’re almost through October and it’s officially holiday time. And that means it’s most definitely the start of candy season. It’s about to be in your face for the next two+ months. If you want to indulge in a snickers or reese’s every now and then, I say go for it! Live your life! BUT, it can be easy to go overboard and you’ll see indulging every now and then turn into a fist full of holiday candies or seventeen caramel apples in a day.

To help satisfy your cravings but avoid the temptation of overprocessed treats OR to help you get back to the clean eating groove after some indulgences, I’ve scoured for some of the most insane candies and fall treats made (mostly or fully) PALEO. You’ll be able to treat yourself to your favorite fall treats like caramel apples (without the refined sugar) or almond joy copy cats (dairy free!) or many other fun seasonally appropriate sweets. Scroll below to see what caught my eye and let me know what catches yours!

PS - If anyone has tried any of these recipes before or if one of them happens to be a favorite blogger of yours - I'd love to hear what you love about it so much in the comments below!

Twix were a weakness of mine growing p so I just had to include Sadie’s cleaner version! Already gluten free, but a nut butter for the peanut butter and bam - totally paleo!

Subtley sweet and nutty, these nourishing Almond Joy bites will satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings without the processed junk!

If you’re a pumpkin fan and a fan of individual serving recipes, these mini pumpkin tarts are calling your name! They’re completely vegan and make a great dessert any time this season.

Skip the caramel apples this year in favor of these Paleo Cinnamon Maple NUT BUTTER Covered Apples. Nothing pairs better with apples than some nut butter, if you ask me!

These were originally posted by Addie of Chickpea in the City as an Earth Day treat, but how freaking perfect would they be to use for Halloween or a kids’ bday party? So fun and Paleo friendly…except for the worms ;)

OK, so this one isn’t Paleo, but it is gluten free and Nora seriously killed it with this recipe. It’s so cool! Plus, you can personalize it for certain holidays by using different natural candies or dried fruit,

Feeling left out of the cider mill donuts this year? A Saucy Kitchen is here to save the day with these Paleo Pumpkin Spice Donuts. Try not to drool over the Maple Frosting!

Creamy meringue filling sandwiched between two cake like pumpkin cookies…need I say more?!

Jessi’s Kitchen made a Paleo friendly version of Reese’s and then kicked it up a fall notch by making it with pumpkin butter! Less than 7 ingredients and you’ll get your chocolate fix.

Instead of candied nuts, treat yourself to these homemade Cinnamon Coconut Roasted Pecans. You’ll have a tasty treat and it’s a bonus that your house will smell like cinnamon heaven!