Beach Yoga with Deanna of Chi City Mom


Yoga is, by nature, a relaxing workout. It's designed to put you in your element and get you mentally and physically prepared to take life by the horns. So, what could be more ideal than doing yoga in a beautiful space like the beach?! Pair this beautiful setting with a free yoga class, offered by Athleta, and you have lifestyle blogger, Deanna, and my Saturday morning! We met up at Oak Street Beach for a 9am session. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the lake provided us with a cool breeze and insane view of the city. Needless to say, the atmosphere was top notch. Athleta partnered with the Chicago Yoga Six studio who sent one of their instructors to lead the class. She was personable, gave great direction and even answered all of our questions! After being out of the yoga game for a bit, I can't imagine a better way to get back in the groove.

Deanna & I took full advantage of the beautiful weather that day by opting for an outdoor venue, Whispers Coffee, to grab a drink and chat about her blog.


I learned quickly, that no matter what you do for a living, your family status, background, etc., you are going to be able to talk endlessly with Deanna. Like me, Deanna loves the city and she loves her family. It's funny how much those two can bring people together. We carried on continuous conversation for over an hour. I wish I could write it all, but to keep this somewhat brief, I'll start where Deanna's story starts. That would be on July 4, 2013. After toying around with the idea of a blog, she listened to a Pat Flynn podcast that featured another mom blogger. Knowing many people have concerns over raising kids in the city, Deanna was eager to show other parents that it is absolutely possible by telling them about life with her daughter. Thus, Chi City Mom was born.

This is where Deanna's relatability really shines. Her previously proclaimed "mom blog" quickly developed into a full lifestyle blog. Her love for her family (ridiculously cute daughter included,) fashion and experiencing the city allows her to relate to everyone. Blogging allowed her to start sharing her experiences in a creative outlet that she really enjoys. It has since opened her up to a whole new world of other bloggers, businesses and new products that she might not have crossed paths with before. 


If you are looking for off the beaten path type spots to visit in Chicago, then Chi City Mom's Five Non-Touristy Spots to Visit in Chicago could be the article for you! Using Chi City Mom as her platform, Deanna reviews places to go and things to do in the city, with or without kids. There is another side to life in this chatoic city, including a huge park system, where you can go biking or strolling for free to see some of the great sights Chicago has to offer. Her latest expansion series is all about fashion. Inspired by the transition to fall and another bloggers' wardrobe capsule, Deanna started a series on different ways to style a sleeveless chambray top.

On top of posts about experiences in the city and fashion, you will find a variety of additional topics including food/recipes, benefits to raising a child in the city and information on products Deanna enjoys. Originally focusing her efforts as a mom blogger, Chi City Mom has become a well-rounded lifestyle blog for adults with or without children. If you have lived in the city 5 months or 5 years, you will still learn something new from this blog!


Favorite blogs to follow? Glitter and BubblesLove Zahra and Lollygag Blog 
What's your ultimate meal? Anything pasta. A really good fettuccine alfredo with chicken & broccoli. And "the more cheese, the better"
How do you take your coffee? Summertime calls for Iced coffee (light on the ice) with 3 classic syrup pumps & cinnamon. Winter changes it up to coffee with half and half, raw sugar & cinnamon.


Deanna will tell you that being a mom is her favorite role, but being a parent in the city doesn't mean you can't continue to have other interests. You can still enjoy life in the city and experience all it has to offer.

Deanna, aka Chi City Mom, is a lifestyle blogger who writes about food, fashion, reviews, recipes, tips, events and Chicago House Music, her favorite music genre. She lives on the North side of Chicago with her husband and adorable 3 year old daughter. They are often found exploring what the city has to offer.

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