Primal Palate Success Story Feature

For those of you that haven't heard my exciting news yet, back in late March, I completed an interview with Kara of Primal Palate.  If you are unfamiliar with Primal Palate, maybe you recognize the names Bill Staley & Hayley Mason.  I have gushed about them before as the authors of two of my absolute favorite Paleo cookbooks, Make it Paleo & Make it Paleo 2.

Their website, features not only incredible recipes and resources, but also some beautiful success stories. These stories are all unique and from different individuals but they all have a common theme. Small lifestyle changes and caring for your body can make a HUGE impact in your life.

I am so fortunate and honored to say that my story is now featured on their blog! Check it out here

Be sure to hang around the site and read about some of the other incredible journeys they have shared!