Paleo Scavenger [Review]

Some of you may have caught on to the changes this blog has been going through recently, including a contact page and a drop-down list for "Raves & Reviews," which highlight paleo companies, products, etc that I have tried. It gives my real opinion and/or experience with them so you can help determine whether you want to check them out.

In the three years since I have switched to this lifestyle, the marketplace for Paleo products has grown exponentially. Since there are many options out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with figuring out who and what to choose or look into.

Being that I am always on the hunt for up and coming, high quality, Paleo products, I am proud to introduce my first official blog product/company review (& the latest addition to companies I love.) This post is not sponsored in any way. All opinions are my own and this was my own purchase.

Paleo Scavenger

This past weekend as I was strolling through the indoor Farmers Market in Logan Square (Chicago, IL), I happened upon the Paleo Scavenger booth. "Manning" the table was Brittany Chibe, the founder. Brittany has a vibrant and bubbly personality. You can immediately tell that she is truly passionate about what she does. Her presence at the booth was refreshing and inspiring.

The History:
Brittany had heard about Paleo many times from friends that do CrossFit. While training for a half marathon, Brittany decided to try it out for herself and made the switch. Paleo proved to be full of positive effects for her and her running. In June 2014, driven by the relentless hunt for paleo-friendly snacks in store, Brittany came up with the concept of Paleo Scavenger. She hit the ground running and has seemingly burst since then. 

So, what is Paleo Scavenger?
Paleo Scavenger is a grain-free Certified Paleo granola. As of now it comes in two flavors, original and cherry. Original is chocked full of almonds, walnuts and coconut, bound with coconut oil and sweetened with honey and a titch of vanilla. The Cherry is a similar make up but also contains dried cherries. 

Where can you find it?
Paleo Scavenger has made it into many natural food focused stores in Chicago including Plum Market Old Town and Goddess and Grocer.  Brittany also makes an appearance at the Logan Square Indoor Farmers' Market and has attended several health expos.

What's in store for Paleo Scavenger?
This company is definitely one I will be keeping my eye on. With Brittany's recently funded project (via seedkicks), you can look forward to some new flavors! Maple Pecan and Blueberry are both on the horizon. With this funding Brittany will also be attending food trade shows to help promote her company.

What's my review?
I had the pleasure of trying each of the current flavors that Paleo Scavenger offers, Original and Cherry. The original, which I happily sampled at the market, had a phenomenal texture. The granola comes in perfect little bunches for easy munching and had a subtle sweetness that I greatly appreciate. I left the market with a bag of the Cherry in hand and I'm not ashamed to say the package was opened before I walked out of the building. This flavor offers an added sweetness from dried cherries, but is not overpowering. Part of what I enjoyed most is that the cherries are larger pieces (as opposed to very chopped up). This adds to the nice texture. You'll also be able to find the flavor in every bite without just eating up a hunk of fruit.

Between the Original and the Cherry flavors, you really can't go wrong. With Paleo Scavenger, not only will you be getting a flavorful and nutritious snack, but you will be helping to support a growing, local Chicago business. 

For more information on Paleo Scavenger, you can visit their website or facebook page.

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